Primary Care First and CPC+

Primary Care First is a voluntary, five-year model to test if innovative payment options for advanced primary care can reduce total cost of care. The model is limited to 26 regions and will start in 2021. Primary Care First builds off the Comprehensive Primary Care models.


  • CMMI’s Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+), a five-year model ended in 2021, webpage 

NAACOS Member Resources 

News and Advocacy

  • CMS publishes the first annual evaluation of the PCF model with a summary of findings from the 2021 performance year

  • NAACOS and others ask CMS to accelerate CPC+ payments in response to COVID-19

  • NAACOS statement on release of the Primary Care First RFA

  • NAACOS statement welcoming more options for value-based payment arrangements in the form of Direct Contracting and Primary Care First

  • NAACOS calls for greater transparency in Innovation Center’s work

  • CMS reverses their initial decision to exclude ACO primary care practices from also participating in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) initiative.

  • NAACOS Letter Urges CMS to Include ACOs in CPC+

    • CMS letter responds to NAACOS concerns and amends CPC+ policy

To read more about developments related to CPC+ and other key policy issues effecting ACOs, please visit our newsletter page.

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