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Comparing standardized beneficiary spending and utilization measures across Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACOs is critical to achieving better care, better health, and smarter spending. To help members get an accurate picture of how their ACOs are performing relative to peers, we continuously work to improve the data quality and timeliness of the NAACOS Benchmarking Comparison and Performance Analysis (BCAPA) web-based reporting tool. 

The latest BCAPA report is now available and allows ACOs to compare their performance with national and state ACO peer groups on Part A and Part B beneficiary spending and utilization measures. The web-based tool allows users to navigate across years, ACO beneficiary categories, and comparison groups. Users can select wage standardized or unadjusted comparisons, and reports are easily exported to Excel. 

Our BCAPA tool is available to nearly all organizations, but the cost depends upon your membership status with NAACOS and your type of organization.  Much of the BCAPA data is available to ACO members without a fee or at a significant discount.  If you are an ACO, consider joining as a member before paying for BCAPA reports. The pricing structure is as follows:

BCAPA Report Prices
  Price for Your ACO Price for Custom Peer Group
NAACOS Member ACO $0

$1,000 for one ACO
$2,000 for up to five
$400 each, up to 15
15+, contact [email protected]

Non-member ACO $3,500

$1,000 for one ACO
$2,000 for up to five
$400 each, up to 15
15+, contact [email protected]

Business/Alliance Partner No data available

$2,000 for one ACO
$4,000 for up to five
$800 each, up to 15
15+, contact [email protected]

Non ACO, Non Partner

Not allowed to purchase
Consider membership

Not allowed to purchase
Consider membership

Please note:  BCAPA reports are available for MSSP ACOs only.  NAACOS does not have access to CMS data for Next Generation or commercial ACOs.  If you are a Next Gen, Commercial or Associate Member of NAACOS we can develop reports for a fee if you share your ACO provider lists. If you are a Commercial or Associate Member of NAACOS, we can develop reports if you provide the data.  You may also purchase peer group reports at member rates.  Please contact [email protected] for more information on these options.  

  Key Features of the BCAPA Report


Key Features

Data Sources

  • 2018 annual Medicare claims
  • 2019 annual Medicare claims
  • 2020 quarterly Medicare claims (Q1-Q4)
  • 2021 data available late summer 2022


  • Inpatient hospital and post-acute facility spending and utilization
  • Breakdown of Part B clinician services by seven service categories: evaluation and management, procedures, imaging, testing, Part B drugs, durable medical equipment, and other

Resource Use

  • Actual per-beneficiary, per-year spending
  • Risk-standardized per-beneficiary, per-year spending
  • Wage standardized per-beneficiary, per-year spending
  • Utilization per 1,000 beneficiaries

Beneficiary Subgroups

  • Aged, non-dual, dually eligible, disabled and ESRD

Comparison Groups

  • National MSSP ACO beneficiaries
  • State ACO-attributed beneficiaries *
  • Fee-based option to purchase profiles for up to 10 specific ACOs to create custom performance comparisons

* State ACO peer-groups exclude your ACO beneficiaries so that they compare your ACO to all other ACO-attributed beneficiaries in your state. Certain states have been combined to make sure there are enough peer ACOs.

Future BCAPA Reports and NAACOS Analytics

We will continue developing the BCAPA reports, adding new features and measures. Your feedback is important to help make this a valuable member service. Please send your comments and recommendations to [email protected].

BCAPA Report Features and Options in Development


Standard BCAPA Report Features

Future Measures

  • Annual wellness visits (AWV), chronic care management visits (CCM), telehealth visits

  • Avoidable hospital admissions and avoidable emergency department visits

  • Preventive care and end of life quality measures

  • Part B drug spending and utilization

Future Comparison Groups

  • County- or region-level comparison groups based on other ACOs or assignable populations

Risk Standardization

  • Risk-standardized utilization measures (HCC or alternative methods)


Enhanced BCAPA Report Features (fee-based)

Physician Group Profiles

  • BCAPA profiles for individual physician practices based on tax identification numbers (TINs) * 

Post-Acute Market Reports

  • Comparative analysis of skilled nursing facility (SNF) spending, length of stay, readmissions and quality within markets (based on all Medicare patients)
  • Beneficiary spending following SNF discharge by type of care (i.e., post-acute episodes of care)
  • Profile of SNF patients reflecting HCC score and functional status

Hospital Market Reports

  • Comparative analysis of hospital spending within markets based on 90-day episodes of care

Custom Analytics

  • Our analysts can work with your ACO to design analytics based on your specifications


* Physician group reports show each group’s legal business name but do not include the tax ID

If you would like to discuss provider-level profiles or custom analytics please contact us.

How to access your BCAPA Report
To access your report, login to the report portal using the same username (usually your email address) and password you use to login to the NAACOS website. For technical support, contact [email protected].

While we believe the BCAPA Tool will assist ACO leaders in evaluating their performance relative to peers, NAACOS is not responsible for the manner in which the tool is used or for the results produced. BCAPA and any documentation is provided "as is." Data is obtained from public and governmental sources and is believed to be reliable but may not necessarily be complete, nor does NAACOS guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data.