News and Advocacy

  • NAACOS Advocacy Results in Changes to ACO-17 Scoring

  • New in 2019- Annual ACO CEHRT Attestation Requirement

  • NAACOS urges CMS to make changes to scoring of ACO-17 (smoking cessation) quality measure for 2018

  • 2017 Quality Payment Program Reporting Experience

  • NAACOS Submits Comments on CQMC Measure Prioritization Approaches

  • 2019 MSSP Quality Measures Finalized in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule

  • NAACOS analysis of the final 2019 Physician Fee Schedule rule including changes to the 2019 ACO quality measure set

  • NAACOS Summary of the Final 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule including ACO quality changes

  • CMS Posts 2019 Quality Measure Information Forms for ACOs (under ‘Quality Measures and Reporting Specifications’)

  • NAACOS submits letter to NQF on draft attribution report

  • CMS example of 2018 MIPS quality scoring for ACOs

  • OIG Report Highlights Excellent ACO Quality Performance

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