Learning Labs 

Learning Labs are a new educational activity for members designed to provide a deep dive into fundamental strategies in accountable care and to foster exchange among peers with frontline experience. These interactive "labs" will include expert presentations, experiences from member ACOs, brainstorming activities, and peer-led collaborations. NAACOS will be an active partner in these Learning Labs to understand what additional resources and tools members need to work through various administrative, operational, and transformational processes.

Medicaid ACOs and Contracting Needs

NAACOS Medicaid Learning Lab focuses on Medicaid ACOs and contracting needs. The learning objectives of this event series includes:

  • Medicaid contracting throughout the United States
  • Care models to support your contract populations and networks
  • Best care settings to address population needs
  • Workflow options for value-based care related to primary care, SDOH, BH and high needs patients
  • How to improve quality in the Medicaid population and
  • How to enhance patient engagement in the Medicaid population.

Participation is open to NAACOS ACO Members only.  ACOs are not limited to the number of participants for the learning labs.  Virtual sessions for this lab will include monthly 90-minute meetings held on the first Friday of each month from 2:00 to 3:30 pm ET.  The first virtual meeting will be held December 2 and meetings will run for the next 12 to 15 months with in-person opportunities to be announced with future conference planning.  The learning lab will consist of formal presentations with a mixture of open peer-to-peer discussion. Register here and add the event to your calendar! 

If a representative from your ACO has expertise to present or would like to take a more active role in either of the learning labs, please reach out to Melody Danko-Holsomback, VP of Education, [email protected].