On-Demand Webinars

11/25/19 Leveraging BCAPA Reports to Support Population Health 
11/21/19 Leveraging CMS Data - Taking Advantage Upcoming Opportunities to Help Your ACO's Work 
11/20/19 Annual Meeting of NAACOS ACO Members 
11/13/19 NAACOS Review of Final 2020 Physician Fee Schedule and QPP Rule
11/01/19 Review of Stark and Anti-Kickback Proposed Rule 
10/16/19 Improving Outcomes with an NLP-Enabled Provider Risk Adjustment Workflow
09/10/19 Building a Data-Driven Value-Based Care Organization Based on Trust, Shared Vision and Physician Engagement
08/22/19 Addressing Social Determinants of Health in ACOs
08/15/19 NAACOS Review of Proposed 2020 Physician Fee Schedule and QPP Rule
08/14/19 New Website Shares Local ACO Information with Californians
07/16/19 Understanding the Medicaid ACO Landscape
06/20/19 Securing the A in MA: Strategies for Success in Medicare Advantage Value-Based Contracting
06/11/19 Value-based Reimbursement Strategy and Performance
05/30/19 Pathways to Compliance – A Manual for Success
05/16/19 Use of Physician APC House Calls to Manage High Cost Patients
05/14/19 Overview of the new B-CAPA report for Next Generation ACOs
05/10/19 Overview of the MSSP B-CAPA 1.5 report
04/26/19 CMMI Session from Spring Conference
04/10/19 Optimizing 3-day SNF Waivers - Perspectives from NexGen ACOs
02/06/19 Preparing for the February 19th ACO Application Deadline - ACO Perspective and Key Things to Consider
01/29/19 Understanding Next Gen Risk Adjustment and How to Maximize ACO Performance
01/03/19 NAACOS' Review of ACO Final Pathways Rule
11/20/18 Final 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rule: Key Issues for ACOs
11/13/18 Using your B-CAPA Report
11/12/18 NAACOS' Post Election Analysis
11/06/18 The Role of Pharmacists in the ACO
 10/17/18 Winning the ACO game in 5 plays
08/16/18 Addressing the Opioid Crisis - Strategies for ACOs
08/01/18 Understanding MSSP Risk Adjustment and How to Maximize ACO Performance
07/26/18 Evaluating Assignment Methodologies and the Impact on ACOs
03/28/18 How to Make Quality Improvement Efforts a Success for the ACO Program and Beyond
02/27/18 NAACOS NextGen Lessons Learned
02/1/18 How to Make Your ACO's Quality Reporting a Success
12/07/17 2018 Final QPP Rule: Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for ACOs
11/29/17 MACRA 2018 Final QPP Rule Advanced APMs
9/14/17 Palliative Care Strategies to Ensure Value for High-Need Patients
8/28/17 Telehealth & Remote Monitoring: Value to ACOs and Status of Reimbursement Changes in Washington
8/8/17 Effective ACO Compliance Programs: Implementing and maintaining an effective compliance program for your ACO
6/22/17 Using the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver: Lessons Learned
5/11/17 Understanding CPC+ for ACOs
5/3/17 Next Generation ACO Model: Lessons Learned and Planning for Participation
2/21/17 ACO Claims Data 101 - Getting and Using It
2/7/17 What New ACOs Need to Know to be Successful - Lessons from the Experts