Affinity Groups

NAACOS has created a new educational opportunity called Affinity Groups that will focus on peer-to-peer exchange of current ACO and population health issues.  In addition to the in-person affinity group sessions to be held at our Fall and Spring Conferences, NAACOS will offer virtual sessions every few months throughout the year to provide a way for our members to have more peer-to-peer connection time.  There are currently six groups categorized by ACO role.  You may join one or more than one depending on your current roles and responsibilities.   You will need to sign up individually for each group that you would like to participate in – once you have signed up, you will receive the Zoom log-in information for the virtual meetings.  Additional information about the Fall Conference in-person meetings is forthcoming.

Operations Affinity Group
Meets: January 30, June 18 and October 29, 2024, from 3–4 pm ET.
Participants should include managers and others who oversee day-to-day aspects of running an ACO such as building provider networks, engaging patients, practice transformation, and implementing projects to achieve the ACO’s financial and strategic goals, etc. 
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Quality Affinity Group
Meets: February 6, June 25 and November 5, 2024, from 3–4 pm ET.
Participants should include managers and others who implement initiatives designed to improve, measure, and report the quality of care in an ACO, etc. 
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Data and Analytics Affinity Group
Meets: February 13, July 9 and November 12, 2024, from 3–4 pm ET.
Participants should include managers within ACOs who are responsible for integration, using data to analyze performance, creating and integrating data from sources like EMRs, claims and registries, etc.

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Executive Affinity Group 
Meets: February 20, July 16 and November 19, 2024, from 3–4 pm ET.
Participants should include CEOs, CFOs, Executive Directors, Chief Value Officers, and others who oversee the ACO’s finances, budget, strategy, contracting, etc. 
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CMO and Clinical Affinity Group 
Meets: February 27, July 23 and December 3, 2024, from 3–4 pm ET.
Participants should include CMOs, CNOs, Pop Health Officers, and others who manage patient care, and clinical care redesign, etc.
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Compliance and Legal Affinity Group 
Meets: March 5, July 30, and December 10, 2024, from 3–4 pm ET.
Participants should include those who ACO leaders and staff members who deal with compliance documentation, operations, or events as well as those who deal with ACO contracting with payers and participants.
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