About the Partner Network

NAACOS represents more than 12 million beneficiary lives through hundreds of organizations participating in population health-focused payment and delivery models in Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance. Models include the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), Next Generation ACOs, and alternative payment models supported by a myriad of commercial health plans and Medicare Advantage. NAACOS is a member-led and member-owned nonprofit organization that works on behalf of health systems and physician provider organizations across the nation participating in population health-focused payment models to improve quality of care, outcomes, and healthcare cost efficiency. In addition, NAACOS has more than 100 vendors in its Partner Network. 

NAACOS is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the ACO membership. One of its major goals is to facilitate communication with the ACO vendor community through a category of members called partners. These partners have special access to the NAACOS membership and exclusive opportunities for attending and exhibiting at NAACOS conferences that gather hundreds of leaders from the ACO community twice a year. These events provided a much-needed opportunity for ACO leaders to hear first-hand from CMS officials, to share best practices with peers, and to network with vendors. 

As part of the partnership application process, all partners are vetted to ensure their value and relevance for the ACO community.  NAACOS does not promote one partner over another, as all NAACOS partners can help ACO members achieve success. Please refer to the membership definition page for full details on how NAACOS defines ACO members and business partners.

Partnership Types

1. Business Partners: For-profit companies with products and services for sale to ACOs.

Business Partner Benefits:

  • Your company's name/logo/link/description listed on the NAACOS Business Partner webpage
  • Opportunity to sponsor, exhibit and attend NAACOS conferences
  • Attendee lists for all NAACOS conferences
  • One promotional email to NAACOS members *
  • Complimentary registration for NAACOS live webinars and access to NAACOS archived webinars
  • Complimentary table top display at one NAACOS conference (spring or fall, $3,500 value)
  • Free Job Board to place and view opportunities across the ACO and Partner community

Business Partners' annual membership fee is $7,000**. Business Partner Application 

Term is a rolling 12-months, which guarantees two conferences within the term. Other fees such as conference registration and sponsorships (conference, webinars, etc.) are not included.

2. Partner Circle: For-Profit companies who sell products and services to the ACO community with enhanced focus on collaborating with ACO leadership.

Partner Circle Benefits:

  • Discounts for leading or sponsoring a NAACOS webinar
  • Annual pass to VIP reception at NAACOS conference (Limit 2)
  • 2 complimentary registrants per NAACOS conference
  • Email blast to NAACOS members (Limit 1 per year)
  • Newsletter and website sponsorship
  • Your company's name/logo/link/description listed on the NAACOS Partner Circle webpage
  • Opportunity to sponsor, exhibit and attend NAACOS conferences
  • Attendee lists for all NAACOS conferences
  • One promotional email to NAACOS members *
  • Complimentary registration for NAACOS live webinars and access to NAACOS archived webinars
  • Complimentary table-top display at one NAACOS conference (spring or fall, $3,500 value)
  • Free Job Board to place and view opportunities across the ACO and Partner community 

* Each partner is allowed one email per year for an additional fee. Please contact [email protected] for further details. NAACOS forwards the copy to its members with the following heading: "As part of the NAACOS Business Partner program, we are sending our members the following information. NAACOS does not represent or endorse business partner messages but believes this information may at times be valuable to our members." Email addresses are not provided to the business partner. The email is limited to 500 words and can be in HTML or text. Messages can not include surveys, links to surveys, or promote events concurrent with NAACOS events.

**Partnership dues are customarily, if not always, deductible by partners as a business expense for federal tax purposes subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities. NAACOS estimates that the nondeductible portion of partnership dues attributable to lobbying activities for the year ending December 31, 2023, is 15 percent.

Acceptance and Agreement: By submitting an application for partnership, the applicant accepts that business partnership constitutes a binding contract between both parties and the terms and conditions are binding. Cancelation of business partnership within one (1) week of application submission will remove all invoices and be held harmless. After one (1) week, the contract is binding and all dues are collectible within 30 days of invoice. If business partner applicant does not pay within 30 days, NAACOS will void the invoice and place a one (1) year restriction on applicant’s ability to reapply to the business partner network.

Penalties and Termination: Both parties may cancel agreement at any time, although no portion of partnership dues will be refunded to partners that terminate prior to the end of the 12-month partnership term. NAACOS adopts a "good citizen" mantra for its Business Partner Network. Partners who work in an illegal and/or unethical manner, abuse resource privileges, and / or harass NAACOS members will be subject to immediate action. This action(s) includes, but not limited to termination of partnership benefits without refund, nonrenewal for partnership, denial of conference and/or exhibit entry.

NAACOS Business Partner Benefits: NAACOS promises to deliver all amenities and resources outlined above. Sponsorships for conferences, webinars, newsletters, etc. can be found in their respective prospectuses.

Business Partner Cancelation Policy: NAACOS reserves the right to cancel a partnership or deny a business partner’s renewal to retain partner benefits and resources (See Penalties and Termination below).   

NAACOS Meeting Registration: Partners must pay registration fees to register their employees, including anyone staffing an exhibit. There are no exhibit-only registrations and the registration fees are NOT included in the partner dues. Each partner is limited to registering and paying for two employees (See Sponsorship prospectus). 

If the conference is canceled, NAACOS will issue refunds for registration only. NAACOS shall have no liability regarding travel or other costs that might be incurred. Refunds for extenuating circumstances will not be processed more than 30 days after the conference. Once a registration has been submitted and paid in full, the registrant has two business days to cancel and receive a refund for the full amount. 

Cancelations for conferences made during this two-day period will not be charged a $100 processing fee. After two business days, however, the following cancellation policy will apply. Vendors (and any other non-ACOs) must be NAACOS Partners and may not register as non-members. If a vendor registers as an ACO non-member, then the vendor will have the option of joining NAACOS as a Business Partner or receiving a full refund, regardless of when the registration was submitted. NAACOS reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time. 

Registrants who cancel before NAACOS’ designated date (typically 6 weeks prior to event) will receive a refund for the conference registration fee less a $100 processing fee. After the designated date passes, no refunds will be issued for cancellations. NAACOS does not apply registration fees toward future NAACOS events. Substitutions may be made at any time and NAACOS does not charge a fee for substitutions. Contact [email protected] to process a substitution. 

Terms and Conditions