NAACOS ACO 2019 Boot Camp Agenda

February 11–12, 2019
Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside
Orlando, Fla. 

Preparing Your ACO for Downside Risk
(preliminary agenda)  

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Join your ACO colleagues for the next boot camp in our very popular and successful series designed to give ACOs the tools they need to succeed. Our February 2019 boot camp will be a deep dive into risk-taking. As CMS encourages its ACOs to take on greater risk, this boot camp will show ACOs how to choose the appropriate risk level. This boot camp will also teach ACOs the operational and clinical tactics necessary to succeed with greater risk.  Boot camp faculty will use case studies, labs, and small group exercises to create an interactive and highly educational format.  

Designed for current MSSP Track 1 ACOs that need to transition to greater risk, but all ACOs are welcome and may benefit from a deeper understanding of risk-taking.

Sponsored by Salient and Lightbeam



Monday, February 11

12:30 pm

Onsite Registration

1:00 pm 

Welcome and Introductions (30 min)
Stephen Nuckolls, Coastal Carolina Quality Care

  • Quick introductions of faculty and attendees
  • Review Boot Camp format and goals
  • Review results of risk readiness assessment (taken in advance) 

1:30 pm

Overview of Current Risk Environment (45 min)

Jennifer Gasperini, NAACOS

Andrew Webster, Validate Health

Stephen Nuckolls, Coastal Carolina Quality Care

  • ACO risk-taking trends
  • Current policy environment
  • Latest from CMS 

2:15 pm

Break (15 min) 

2:30 pm

Evaluating Financial Exposure When Accepting Downside Risk (90 min)
Mike Barrett, DAMEA LLC

  • What are the indicators that an ACO is risk-ready? How to measure?
  • From A to E and Enhanced, how to calculate the risk exposure or mitigation of regional benchmarks (spreadsheet will be provided)
  • De-coupling ownership, ACO participant, contracted provider/supplier
  • Strategies for managing your benchmark and mitigating risk

4:00 pm

Break (15 min)

4:15 pm

Repayment Options (75 min)
Andrew Webster, Validate Health

  • Letter of credit vs stop loss or reinsurance 
  • Benchmarking
  • Pros and cons of prospective and retrospective assignment

5:30 pm

Reception (60 min)


Tuesday, February 12

(Participants will select a track based on their risk readiness assessment.  Participants may move between tracks.  Monday’s faculty, along with other experts, will lead each topical deep dive and provide one-on-one assistance.)

7:30 am

Breakfast (30 min) – Rob Fields, Mt. Sinai Health System

  • Instructions on breaking into tracks for the day
  • Retake/revisit the assessment tool
  • Score determines whether to go to risk-ready or less-ready track for day’s sessions 

8:00 am
(75 min)


Risk-ready Track: Andrew Webster

  • How to assess your weaknesses (ie, what are your current opps for improvement)
  • Maximizing benchmarking 

Less-ready Track: Mike Barrett

  • Speeding up your transition to risk
  • Most important basic tools
  • Principles of change management

9:15 am

Break (15 min) 

9:30 am

(75 min)


Risk-ready Track: Stephen Nuckolls

  • Engaging clinicians (referral management, network building)
  • Redesigning care

Less-ready Track: Rob Fields

  • Orienting clinicians to value based care
  • Creating a culture of value-based care

10:45 am

Break (15 min)

11:00 am

(75 min)


Risk-ready Track: Stephen Nuckolls and Rob Fields

  • Advanced care management strategies including home-based post-discharge visits, skilled nursing facility models, extensivist clinics. 

Less-ready Track: Amy Kotch and Maria Nikol

  • Care management basics: setting up infrastructure, program details, using performance management solutions to identify beneficiary populations, and calculating your ROI.

12:30 pm

Lunch (up to 45 min)

1:15 pm

(75 min)


Risk-ready Track - Sean Henson

  • Closing quality gaps
  • Using predictive analytics for population health interventions

Less-ready Track - Josh Patten

  • Basics of measuring quality
  • Understanding your attributed population
  • Using data to decrease overutilization 

2:30 pm

Break (15 min) 

2:45 pm

(75 min)


Closing Peer Exchange
Facilitated by Stephen Nuckolls and Rob Fields

  • Opportunity to meet in small groups to discuss common issues/questions with peers and experts
  • Facilitated discussion with entire group
  • Share lessons learned
  • Address questions (collect in advance if possible)

4:00 pm


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