ACO News 2014

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December 2014

CMS has published the proposed rule changes to the MSSP program. We are providing you with links to the full text

November 2014

Denton's Election Insight 2014 offers a detailed analysis of the key races, themes and impacts of the November elections, and profiles the new leaders issues and priorities that will form the contours of the 114th Congress, state houses and the remainder of Obama administration's second term in office. 

NAACOS Announces New Survey Results. As part of the NAACOS member Newsletter, only 8% of MSSP ACOs say they are likely to remain in the program. Read more

October 2014 

The final 2015 CMS rules on Quality Measures and Benchmarking for the MSSP were published October 31, 2014. Read the text of the rule applicable to ACOs

July 2014

CMS has posted new proposed rules for Quality Measures and Benchmarking as part of the 2014 physician payment rules. View the CMS proposed rules HERE. View the NAACOS Summary of the CMS proposal HERE.

June 2014

Analysis of CMS Data Reporting Improvements - NAACOS has created an analysis in table format of CMS' response to requests for ACO data reporting improvements.  

April 2014 

NAACOS poll of ACO Executives shows that 2/3 of the MSSP ACOs are unlikely to renew their 3-year contract with CMS

February 2014

CMS Releases MSSP 2012 Results by ACO 

NAACOS DataTask Force

The NAACOS MSSP Data Task Force has finished its work and their White Paper has been sent to CMS for consideration. We think that it is an excellent analysis of the shortcomings in the current data feeds and reports and makes a number of recommendations for improvement. Please feel free to distribute as appropriate. We will keep you informed of discussions with CMS and truly hope this will result in substantial improvements in MSSP ACO data. 

January 30, 2014

CMS Announces ACO Savings from 2012 ACOs 

January 22, 2014

NAACOS Releases Results from First Ever Survey of ACO First Year Start-Up Costs and IT Spending 
NAACOS is actively engaged with CMS and Congress to improve the Medicare ACO program. To facilitate these discussions, NAACOS conducted a short, 11 question survey to all known ACOs. The survey was designed to capture vital new information from the April 1, 2012 and July 1, 2012 CMS MSSP ACOs after their first full year of operation. This was the first large-scale examination of actual first-year start-up costs and IT spending experienced by ACOs.