Spring 2024 Virtual Registration 
April 11–12

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Individuals unable to attend the conference in person can participate in the live webcast of the conference.  The live webcast includes all of the breakout sessions and plenaries as well as the sponsored breakfasts.  Live webcast participants also receive six months of access to the recordings of the sessions so that you don't miss out on any of the sessions!  Please note, the live webcast does not include any of the pre-conference workshops.


Live Webcast Early
(on or before Feb 23)

Live Webcast Standard
(after Feb 23)

Group Rate

Member ACOs




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NAACOS Partners 
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ALL individuals are eligible to view the virtual conference regardless of membership including non-business partner vendors. 

Group Rate: This rate is open to ACO members (non-member ACOs, business partners, and non-business partner vendors can register individuals to attend the live webcast).  To register a group of up to 5 individuals, you will need to submit the names, titles and email address of the attendees to Emily Perron.  You will then be sent an invoice for the number of groups that you are registering.  Once the invoice(s) is PAID IN FULL, the individuals will be entered into the registration system and they will receive a confirmation email.  Please note, no one will be registered before the invoice is paid in full.  There is no limit to the number of groups that an ACO member can register.  For example - if you have 20 people you would like to register, you may purchase 4 group rates. 

Registration Binding Agreement: Submitting a registration, whether online, by mail or onsite, constitutes a binding contract between NAACOS and the registrant, and the terms and conditions below apply to all parties. In particular, these terms and conditions shall apply in the case of any credit/debit card dispute. The following credit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, VISA, or MasterCard.

Registration: Once a purchase of the virtual event has been submitted and paid in full, it will not be refunded for any reason.  

Log-In Information Terms: Each registration for the Virtual event receives one log-in.  Only one user (per user name and password) may view or access the archived conference material. It is not permissible to share your user name and password with third parties. Violation of this provision will terminate access to archive viewing. Each Internet registration is also subject to a "bandwidth" or capacity use cap of 5 GB per user per month. When this capacity use cap is hit, the registration lapses for that month. Access is restored at the start of the next month so long as the end of the six-month period has not been reached. Access would again be subject to the same monthly capacity cap. The cap is rarely reached unless access is being illegally shared.