Spring 2021 Conference Registration
Was Held Virtually
April 20-30

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There were no restrictions on the type of individual who can register for the virtual conference.  Everyone is welcome.  To register an individual, please click on the registration link below.  NAACOS offered a group rate for the Spring 2021 conference for members and business partners.  There is no limit to the number of groups that an organization can register.  For example - if you have 20 people you would like to register, you may purchase 4 group rates.  If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Emily Perron (202-640-2674) or Anna LaFayette.

Registration Rate Types:

  • NAACOS Member ACO - There is no restriction on the number of registrations for an ACO member. There are four categories of ACO members:
    • Single ACO entities contracting with CMS: An ACO legal entity that holds one or more contracts with CMS for the MSSP or Pioneer ACO programs or has been approved as an MSSP ACO and is in the process of signing a contract
    • Multi owned/affiliated ACOs: A legal entity that owns two or more ACOs that have contracted with CMS or plan to contract with CMS in the next 12 months
    • Non-CMS, private payer ACOs: Entities that own or are financially integrated with one or more ACOs and that do not contract with CMS but that contract with one or more private insurance organizations and/or State Medicaid Agency to provide accountable care to a specified population of beneficiaries and that financially share in the risk and/or benefit from savings defined in the contract.
    • Associate Members: ACO legal entity applied to CMS or planning to apply within 12 months or an ACO entity that is a part of a Multi-ACO member above
  • NAACOS Partner: NAACOS offers two types of partnership based on an organization's profit status. There are NO limits on the number of individuals from a partner organization who may register for the VIRTUAL conference (please note, once we are back to in-person events, this policy will change).  Partners must pay the prevailing registration rate to register their employees. Registration fees are NOT included in your partner dues. Get more information on becoming a partner.
  • Non-Members:  Individuals who are not members of NAACOS either as an ACO or as a Partner may register for the virtual event at the non-member registration rate.  There is no group rate for non-members.
  • Speaker: Speakers for the main meeting receive complimentary registration to the full virtual event. Please contact Anna LaFayette for the speaker registration discount code.
  • Sponsors: Sponsors receive complementary registrations depending on the level of sponsorship. Please contact Emily Perron to register complementary attendees. All sponsors may also pay to register as many additional people as they would like.

Registration Binding Agreement: Submitting a registration, whether online, by mail or onsite, constitutes a binding contract between NAACOS and the registrant, and the terms and conditions below apply to all parties. In particular, these terms and conditions shall apply in the case of any credit/debit card dispute. The following credit cards are accepted for payment: American Express, VISA, or MasterCard. 

Registration: Once a registration has been submitted and paid in full, the registrant has two business days to cancel and receive a refund for the full amount. Cancellations made during this two-day period will not be charged a $100 processing fee. After two business days, however, the following cancellation policy will apply. NAACOS reserves the right to cancel any registration at any time for any reason. 

Log-In Information Terms: Each registration receives one log-in for the virtual event.  Only one user (per user name and password) may view or access the archived conference material. It is not permissible to share your user name and password with third parties. Violation of this provision will terminate access to archive viewing. Each Internet registration is also subject to a "bandwidth" or capacity use cap of 5 GB per user per month. When this capacity use cap is hit, the registration lapses for that month. Access is restored at the start of the next month so long as the end of the six-month period has not been reached. Access would again be subject to the same monthly capacity cap. The cap is rarely reached unless access is being illegally shared.

Cancellation Policy: Registrants who cancel before March 31 will receive a refund for the conference registration fee less a $100 processing fee. After March 31, no refunds will be issued for cancellations although we are happy to make a substitution. NAACOS does not apply registration fees toward future NAACOS events.  Contact [email protected] to process a substitution. 

If the virtual conference is cancelled, NAACOS will issue refunds for registration only.  

Media: This event is open to invited members of the media. All speaker comments should be attributed to them and not to their overall organization. For more information or to request media registration, please contact David Pittman