Preconference Workshops Spring 2020
April 1
Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor

These workshops are held in conjunction with the NAACOS Spring 2020 Conference, April 1-3 at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor and run concurrently from 1:00–5:00 p.m. ET on April 1. The workshops require separate registration, and you do not need to attend the full meeting in order to attend the workshops. Discounted rates are available for NAACOS members and partners. The pre-conference workshops are not included in the conference recordings.

The Spring 2020 pre-conference workshops are currently being planned and more information will be available shortly. 

Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Rates
(before and on Feb 7)
(after Feb 7)
Member ACOs
$395 $495
Non-Member ACOs
$495 $595
NAACOS Partners 
(Business or Alliance)
$395 $495


1. Models for Success in Leveraging Care Management and Community Health for your SDOH Strategy
Led by Megan Reyna, Advocate Aurora Health
Speakers: Rob Mechanic, Institute for Accountable Care
Panelists: Sherri Aufderheide, Advocate Aurora Health; Rob Mechanic, Institute for Accountable Care
Panelists: Shoshana Brown, Mount Sinai Health System; Rob Fields, Mount Sinai Health System; Rob Mechanic, Institute for Accountable Care
Panelists: Andrea Cichra, Beacon Health System; Rob Mechanic, Institute for Accountable Care
Panelists: Lisa Roome, Advocate Aurora Health

For ACO’s envisioning how to expand the reach and effectiveness of their social determinants of health (SDOH) strategy, this pre-conference provides an in-depth look into successful models of incorporating whole person care within existing care management and community health programs.  A panel of ACOs will provide an overview of their program and best practices for building an operating model for SDOH screening and closed loop referrals. The panel will also cover the importance of incorporating outcomes and SDOH data into a community strategy, and potential advantages of using commercial or publicly available data for predictive analytics, hot spotting, and program design. In addition, the panel will discuss SDOH vendor considerations and the need for local policy change to help communities thrive.

2. ACO Relationships with Private Payers and MA
Led by: Rob Mechanic, Institute for Accountable Care
Panelists: Alex Blum, Aledade
Speakers: Sean Strohm, Executive Director Provider Performance and Business Analysis, Aetna; Gary Masumoto, Vice President, Network Transformation, United Health Networks at UnitedHealth Group; and Christine Dang Vu, Director, Commercial Payer Performance, Aledade

Whether your ACO is new or well-established, the financial success of your ACO depends on establishing and succeeding in Medicare Advantage Contracts. This workshop provides the payer perspective on partnering with providers on ACO agreements. We will discuss tactics and strategies in negotiating ACO deals as well as keys to succeed once the deals are in place. Attend this interactive workshop to learn more about:

  • MA basics: we plans enter MA, how are plans paid in MA, why would a patient choose MA over Medicare FFS, the importance of STARs vs RAF.
  • Understand the MA payer landscape
  • How plans think about partnering with providers
  • Strategies to negotiate a MA ACO agreement
  • Importance of RAF vs STARs
  • Implementation considerations and keys to success: needed systems, frequency of feedback discussion with payer, the importance of data, and MSSP vs MA practice transformation.

3. ACO 101
Led by Stephen Nuckolls, Coastal Carolina Quality Care
Speakers: Kimberly Kauffman; Maddie Short, Wilems Resource Group