Benchmarking Comparison and Performance Analysis (B-CAPA)

B-CAPA Brochure

NEW! B-CAPA reports were recently sent to NAACOS ACO members and a webinar on “How to Use Your B-CAPA Report” was recorded on January 10, 2017 and is available at any time in the NAACOS on-demand webinar library. If you are a NAACOS ACO member and did not receive a personalized report, please Use this form to let us know.

Tailored Reports Exclusively for Members

NAACOS is pleased to provide its ACO members with a tailored Benchmarking Comparison and Performance Analysis (B-CAPA) Report. The goal of the B-CAPA Project is to provide actionable data for ACOs to evaluate their performance to comparable ACOs. The B-CAPA Report evaluates spending, utilization, and quality measures relative to various aggregate and regional “peer groups” of ACOs.

B-CAPA reports include:

  • The report contains information on your individual ACO’s 2015 performance relative to six “peer groups” of other ACOs:
      • Peer Group 1: ACOs with a similar HCC Risk Score
      • Peer Group 2: ACOs with similar proportions of aged/dual beneficiaries
      • Peer Group 3: ACOs with similar proportions of ESRD beneficiaries
      • Peer Group 4: ACOs with similar PMPY expenditures
      • Peer Group 5: ACOs in the same CMS Regional Office
      • Peer Group 6: All other ACOs
  • The B-CAPA Reports also include: summary charts, demographics, utilization, quality performance, actual quality score, and per-member-per-year analysis

Examples of the B-CAPA reports and graphs can be found below.

Contact information

  • For more information on the B-CAPA report, please contact Teresa Litton at

  • For more information about becoming a NAACOS member, contact Brian Hammer at